দিদির আমলে বাংলা শুধু পরিযায়ী শ্রমিক দান করছে দেশকে

Lakhs of BJP’s volunteers along with the top brass of the party have geared up for the upcoming West Bengal elections scheduled this summer with the mission to topple Trinamool Congress.

While to talking to NV, incumbent West Bengal president of BJP’s state unit Mr. Dilip Ghosh shared the party’s plan to dethrone the two time Chief Minister and “how the eastern state in between the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal will choose opportunities of prosperity over the corrupted intentions of Trinamool Congress”

Following is the transcript of the telephonic conversation between NV Correspondent and Dilip Ghosh.

Q-: BJP’s claim to bag more than two hundred seats in assembly elections is trust on cadre base or mere over confidence?

A-: The Paradigm Shift was evident in the 178th Lok Sabha elections. We will improve our performance in the parliamentary elections.  The Bhartiya Janta Party has already made inroads in the state by winning more than 2 Crore votes bagging 18 of the 42 parliamentary seats. Hence, we are not talking in assumptions but the change is coming for real.

We will show the failures and unfavourable intentions of Banerjee’s governance. The karyakartas of BJP have already started working at the booth level and as the campaign will pick it’s pace, the results will be visible. Many more credible leaders from TMC will join our party.

Earlier, West Bengal was known for intellectuals, eloquent people, and scholars but Mamata’s government has turned them into labourers. The West Bengal people migrate to Mumbai and Delhi for jobs and opportunities, but BJP has vowed to change that and bring prosperity to the state.

Q-: “Bandages will not be enough to heal the wounds of TMC,” insensitive remarks like these appear frequently before elections,do such remarks impress voters?

A-: The volunteers of the Trinamool Congress deserve such remarks as they have made life hell for common folk including BJP workers. People from all walks of society in the state are suffering, deprived of fundamental rights.

In every district, bombs are being blasted, causing massive casualties. But, the media is not allowed to cover such stories. The ration which was supplied during the lockdown and the funds provided during the Amphan Cyclone were looted by TMC workers. We are currently fighting 29000 false cases alleged against our workers. There’s corruption in every department, be it reporting a police complaint against rape cases, in the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna, toilet and sanitation funds, etc. That’s why thousands of people are homeless even though the funds were provided. We are standing against the ongoing violence

We can’t just be a spectator of this brutal massacre.

Q-: You said that, a BJP’s face will sit in the secretariat very soon. And recently, Sourabh Ganguly met Governor Dhankar. Are you willing to project Sourabh Ganguly as your chief ministerial face for elections?

A-: Governor is a public figure; anyone can go and meet him. Sourav Ganguly, anyhow is not related to Bhartiya Janta Partya.

We have a democratic process to choose the chief minister and that will be followed, my current responsibility is to ensure our victory in the election and the rest will follow.

Q-: Election in West Bengal is always followed by brutal violence and riots, what according to you is lacking to ensure a safe environment during elections?

A-: Trinamool is nothing but a combination of communists and such groups always rely on violence and riots. These people don’t believe in the democratic process and instead, creating ruckus, violence and terror is their modus operandi for governance.

The same election commission conducts elections in different states but no such nuisance takes place, BJP contested elections in every state but no such trouble was evident.

Trinmool government is aware that Bhartiya Janta Party has breached their realm using the trust of voters and by following the democratic processes. I would like to assure the people of West Bengal that only a handful of days are left for Mamata Banerjee and her appalling governance. BJP will bring the dawn which West Bengal deserves which has been intentionally kept away.

Q-: Prashant Kishore is the same man who helped you win the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he is considered an election magician. Do you think Prashant Kishore joining TMC, will give an edge to Mamata Banerjee?

A-: Kishore is great as a strategist, but he is unaware of the political situation in West Bengal. If he thinks that by appearing two months before the election, he can outsmart our years of hard work and booth connectivity, and then I doubt his political intelligence. Mamata Banerjee knows well that she won’t be able to protect her crown, due to which she has brought Prashant Kishore to her side and playing her last gamble.

Q-: Groakha leader Bimal Gurung has joined TMC, again fueling the matter of separate state for Gorakhas in his campaigns against BJP. How much can he hurt your sentiments?

A-: Bimal Gurung is a rolling stone and has lost his credibility by joining Trinamool. Earlier, he was with us and used to bash Mamata Banerjee, now he has changed his team and is standing against us. Gorakhas’ are fed up of GJM’s (Gorakha Janmukti Morcha) internal fight between, Bimal and Tamang. They will soon lose their cadre base because of the frequent troubles they create in the region.

Gorakhaland Issue-: BJP never advocated for separate land for Gorakhas and neither will us. There are so many Gorakhas in the country and they are living in peace, but Gorakhas in Darjeeling are being used by political outfits for their own benefits, nothing else.

Q-: 15% of total Covid 19 cases and 19% of the total fatality in the country were from West Bengal, where do you think the state government failed?

A-: The State government hid the facts, and didn’t reveal the actual figures. During the whole pandemic period, the number of Covid patients didn’t cross 40,000 in WB. It was because they didn’t allow transparency in administration. Scores of doctors, administrators, and health workers succumbed to Covid but there simply is no credible data available with the State.

The government didn’t even follow the central lockdown guidelines of Covid during the pandemic, the Chief Minister herself being the prime offender. That’s the kind of example she has displayed for her people.

Q-: Recently, several Al Qaeda operatives were held from West Bengal and experts have said that the state has become safe-haven for Al Qaeda and ISIS operatives. What do you have to say about the matter?

A-: It’s true, and the state government is nurturing such people by hiding their true faces and providing them shelter. Mamata Banerjee can’t hurt the sentiments of Muslims, as her whole politics is surrounded around them. Violence, law and order, education and administration, all the institutions are on toll due to her politics which is anti-national and pro-terrorism.

 People from Bangladesh, are brought intentionally and given voter card favouring TMC. Such modus operandi, is not just terrible for State but for the country too.

Even, situation in Jammu and Kashmir has improved now, and elections were held peacefully now. People must understand this fact that, only BJP can bring development, education, law and order and peace in state.

Q-: It has been closely observed that the relationship between Governor and Chief Minister has soured; don’t you think both the institutions need to work together for the welfare of the state?

A-: Chief Minister is at logger heads with the Center, and its the governor’s duty to monitor center’s schemes and their implementation in states. But, Mamata Banerjee, does not let this happen. During the Governer’s visit to Jadhavpur University where agitated students were protesting against CAA NRC, she led the non teaching staff and waved black flags at him. She has portrayed negativity in her governance and the people of West Bengal have realized it for their own betterment.

Q-: West Bengal has close to 30% Muslim population in state. Do you think last year’s protest against CAA NRC will have its effect in the assembly election?

A-: IllegalBangladeshi immigrants were behind the protests in West Bengal. We have won constituencies like Malda and Raygarh, which has 50% Muslims population. Assam has more than 30% Muslim population but we have won there too, so population of a single community does not ensure loss.

The anti CAA NRC protests were fueled by external forces which have been successfully doused by the Central Government and intelligence agencies. The Muslim community is happy with the reforms Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji has introduced and we have their support.  

That was Dilip Ghosh, the highest ranked leader of West Bengal for Bhartiya Janta Party leading the front, for the most awaited and anticipated battle for the party.